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Pop Up Dinner!!!

So those of you "in the know" have heard about our Dinner of the Month Club. The last Friday of every month we go to a different restaurant to try different cuisines and get together with friends to just take a break from the hustle and bustle and say "ahhhhhhh". 

Well going out to different restaurants is always fun but you know what's even better????? JOE AND TEE INDULGING YOU WITH OUR OWN DELECTABLE DISHES! That's right, June 16th will be the first Kitchen Chronicles Pop Up Dinner!  There will be music playing, Joe will sing, I'll do a little two step, there will be laughter and, of course, some BANGIN' FOOD! 

Tickets are $40 which includes dinner, drinks and a lil sumthin sumthin to take home with you. The space only holds 20 people so when tickets are gone they are GONE!

Trust me, this is one event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!!!!!!!!!